What is Artist Partners USA iradio?

Artist Partners USA iradio

Artist Partners USA iradio is an internet based only (iradio) radio station created & hosted by Artist Partners USA. The station currently runs 24/7 with no live DJ or commercial interruption and can be heard all around the world.

What is it's purpose?

We ONLY play & program original music from the unsigned artist.

How do I get MY music played on Artist Partners USA iradio?

Submit your CD with a photo & short bio to: Artist Partners USA iradio / 1155 Locust Dr. / Martinsville, IN 46151 (OR) attach your MP3 (s) along with a photo & short bio to our email at: rickalexander1234@gmail.com. Be sure and give us your contact information.

What Happens Once I Submit My Music?

We will review your submission for recording quality & content. We accept all genres of music but will not program anything with explicit lyrics. Once the review is completed your music will be placed in regular rotation on the station. We may choose some songs to be played in a heavy rotation. You will be notified once this happens. 

Do I Get Paid For My Music Being Played?

Artist Partners USA iradio is not currently affiliated with BMI, ASCAP or any of the other performing rights organizations therefore no royalties are paid. This is a start up station and our only goal at this time is to give you an opportunity to get your music out there to be heard. Once our audience has grown we may affiliate.