WELCOME to Artist Partners USA!

 Hi! I'm Founder & President of Artist Partners USA Rick Alexander. My sole purpose is to partner with you, the up & coming music artist, to assist you in all the areas of your music performing career. I have been in and around the music industry for over 40 years and I can help you get to the next level. My strength lies in development & direction. Consider partnering with Artist Partners USA regardless of where you are in your music story!

We Are Looking For REAL Talent

 Are you good? I mean REALLY good? Are you serious about doing something with your natural God given talent? Do you have a strong drive & determination to do something about it? Then get with me. Where can I come see you perform? Let me know because if your REALLY good then I want to check you out!

What does Artist Partners USA Get Out Of This?

 If your interested in partnering, we will set up a free consultation just so we can get to know each other and talk about what your goals are. We are only interested in helping the SERIOUS musician that wants to make a career out of this! If we decide to work together then there are a multitude of areas we can choose from to help you out with and we can discuss any fees we charge at that time. Some of the key areas are Artist Representation, Development & Direction, Bookings & Recording Options.